Swap Liver Transplantation

Swap liver transplantation is performed when there is no donor whose blood type is compatible with the recipient.

For long years, the organs needed for organ transplantation are obtained from a donor with brain death whose family provides their consent or from close relatives who donate a part of their liver. A large number of people in the world has a chance to live and can go back to their active and healthy life through liver transplantation. Recently, the success rate of liver transplant has rapidly improved with the new drugs and improved surgical techniques and the postoperative patient survival rate and life of quality has been increased.

The popularity of swap transplantations has been globally enhanced by kidney transplantations. Swap transplantation is now used for liver transplantations thus it is possible to save many people’s life.

We know that the patients in Turkey are waiting for the cadaver lists unaware of each other, and eventually die. Our purpose is to bring these people together via this web site and enable liver transplantation centers to perform such surgeries. All you need to do is to register your patient and donor in this site so that people with the same health problem can come and cling on the life together.

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