Vascular Access Center for Hemodialysis

Our vascular access center is managed by Prof. Baris Akin, MD, who is known with experience in kidney transplantation and vascular surgery topics. Our vascular access center has been working as a reference center across the country that difficult cases are particularly directed. Arteriovenous (AV) fistula, AV graft, temporary and permanent catheter placement surgeries are performed. Priority is given to detailed assessment and performing rapid intervention in our center in order to avoid catheter placement. Thanks to the repair before occlusion and immediately opening the occluded vessel with intervention by vascular follow-up, to continue hemodialysis without catheter placement is provided.

In vascular access program, the operations are planned by obtaining vascular map with Doppler USG by Prof. Baris Akin, MD. In this way, the details of the process needed to be performed are clearly described to the patient before the operation. Interventional Radiology Department, which is a part of our Vascular Access Center, gives supports with imaging methods such as venography, computerized tomography and angiography when necessary. In addition, balloon and stent applications are performed in case of central vein occlusion in Interventional Radiology Department.

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