Florence Nightingale Hospital Organ Transplant Center

Florence Nightingale Hospital has performed nearly 1.500 liver transplants at Transplantation Center since 2004, and over 100 liver transplantations are performed each year.

Prof. Yıldıray Yüzer, MD, director of Liver Transplantation Centerand his team are ranked as the first in the European liver transplant based on nearly 1.500 living donor liver transplantations.

Florence Nightingale Hospital was entitled to competency certificate of Joint Commission International (JCI), and has demonstrated that a service of international standards is offered by Florence Nightingale Hospitals.

Our Transplantation Center is registered to European Database of Liver Transplant. The successful outcomes beyond European standards are shared with other European countries on behalf of Turkey.

Organ Transplantation Center of Florence Nightingale Hospitals is among few hospitals that give academic education, meets the requirements set out by the Ministry of Health.

Our Center is one the few centers that officially gives education on liver transplantation in Turkey. We also accept the overseas applications for liver transplantation education.

Our transplantation team is composed of transplant surgeons, and a hepatologist, gastroenterologist, anaesthetist, radiologist, psychiatrist, pathologist, and nurses experienced in transplantation. This experienced team provides a high-quality service for diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of any liver diseases.

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    Group Florence Nightingale Hospitals Ltd UK 2020, all rights reserved.

    Group Florence Nightingale Hospitals Ltd UK 2020, all rights reserved.