Coşkun Tecimer, M.D.

Coşkun Tecimer, M.D.

Coşkun Tecimer graduated from Hacettepe Faculty of medicine in 1981. He completed his specialization in ınternal medicine department of the same university in 1987. Later, he was appointed as assistant professor to İnönü University Faculty of medicine department of ınternal medicine.

He became an associate professor in 1993. He entered Marmara University hematology department as an assistant in 1994 and completed his sub-specialty in hematology-oncology at louisville university in the usa between 1996-1999. He returned to Turkey in 2000 was appointed as professor at Kadir Has University, the university has established the medical oncology department. Later, he moved to T.C. Demiroğlu Science University.

Tecimer has been working at gayrettepe Florence Nightingale Hospital, department of hematology-oncology for 17 years and is also the head of the department of medical oncology at Demiroğlu Science University.

Tecimer need Turkey as well as in America and in Europe have been published in peer-reviewed journals in English and Turkish there are numerous medical articles and book chapters.

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