Barış Akin, M.D.

Barış Akin, M.D.

Having graduated from Ankara University faculty of medicine in 1995, In the same period, Barış Akin, M.D. also received the “ecfmg certificate”, which gives the right to work as a doctor in America. He graduated from Ankara University Faculty of medicine general surgery program in 2000 and became a general surgery specialist. Akin completed his specialization in organ transplant surgery at Ohio State University.

He received the American society of transplant surgeons transplantation surgeon certificate and continued his work as an organ transplant surgeon in America. During this period Barış Akin, M.D. served in America; he performed 250 kidney transplants and 280 laparoscopic kidney removal operations. In return for these studies, he was awarded the “young researcher award” at the American transplant congress in 2004.

He returned to Turkey in 2004, started working at group Florence Nightingale Hospital Barış Akin, M.D. is the director of our kidney transplant center. Thanks to the “retroperitonoscopy” technique developed by Barış Akin, M.D., the procedure of kidney removal from volunteer kidney donors can be performed more safely and comfortably.

More than 400 successful surgeries have been performed with this technique applied in our kidney transplant center since 2009. Retroperitonoscopy technique has become a method described in many medical congresses in America, Europe and our country.

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