Why should I Choose Group Florence Nightingale Hospitals?

Group Florence Nightingale has been at the forefront of the healthcare industry in the region since 1989. Group Florence Nightingale has developed “Centers of Excellence” with expert treatment, surgery and diagnostic capabilities across the Group’s four hospitals and medical center, each center gaining recognition in its specialization not only in Turkey but throughout the region.

Medical Second Opinion

Our Center for International Patients is dedicated to delivering a comprehensive service from start to finish, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with a fully trained and experienced team of advisors and interpreters to coordinate all your medical, travel, accommodation, leisure and other needs seamlessly and professionally.

How do I get started?

You can directly contact the Center for International Patients for guidance and assistance, or alternatively, submit your medical records via our Medical Second Opinion online tool.

What does the Center for International Patients charge?

The Center for International Patients does not charge any fees. Medical Second Opinions and accommodation assistance are free-of-charge. Additionally, we provide complementary interpreter and transfer services during your stay in Istanbul.

Who will be dealing with the details of my case during my stay?

Group Florence Nightingale’s Center for International Patients will take care of all details relating to your visit as well as successful return back home and follow up requirements.

Will I need any travel documents?

The exact requirements depend on your country of citizenship, however in general entry to Turkey is fairly straightforward. The Center for International Patients can inform and assist you with visa procedures.

What about treatment quality?

All Group Florence Nightingale physicians are fully licensed by the Turkish Medical Council to practice their specialty in Turkey. In addition, many are Board Certified in their specialty in the US, Australia or Europe. The Group Florence Nightingale credentialing process requires a formal review of each doctor’s qualifications and track record by the Credentials and Bylaws Committee and the Hospital’s Medical Executive Committee. These reviews take place before a doctor is appointed to the medical staff by the Hospital’s Board of Governors, and reviewed every three years thereafter.

A summary of each of our physician’s qualifications is available on our website. If you would like to review the qualifications or specific experience of your physician in more detail when you arrive, we can arrange for you to do so.

Will there be language problems?

Majority of physicians speak fluent English and the Center for International Patients will provide you with native speaking interpreters to escort and assist you during your treatment.

Can I know the doctors’ credentials?

We can provide you the doctor’s professional credentials on request.

Do I need to tell my doctor at home?

You are not required to tell your doctor at home. However, we strongly recommend that you discuss your thoughts of having a medical procedure abroad with your general practitioner. Furthermore, we can establish correspondence between your doctor and treating doctor at Group Florence Nightingale for a comprehensive exchange of medical information.

If I’m taking family member(s), when can they travel?

Family members or companions can travel with you.

Where Do I stay?

The Center for International Patients will recommend you suitable accommodation according to your budget and comfort request, as well as advise you on ideal locations. Reservations will be confirmed before your travels.

How do I get to the hospital?

The Center for International Patients will arrange all your transfers (airport arrival/departure-hotel-hospital).

What is included in the cost of care?

A detailed overview of what is included is listed in every price quotation. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Can I have more than one medical procedure at the same time?

It is possible – and cost-effective – to have more than one procedure at the same time, however this must be evaluated on a case by case basis to determine a suitable treatment plan.

What is not included in the cost for treatment?

Any drugs prescribed to the patient after being discharged from the hospital. Any care or service related to any complications which may arise and are not defined in the patient’s initial treatment.

Any service or care relating to major complications arising during the patient’s operation, including but not limited to the patient’s need of transfer into an Internal or External Specialized Intensive Care Unit. Any resulting extended hospitalization (ICU or ward) during treatment.

Additional costs in such events will be invoiced to the patient in accordance with the Group’s standard charges prevailing at the time.

Does Group Florence Nightingale arrange for local tours or sightseeing trips in Turkey?

Group Florence Nightingale’s Center for International Patients can make arrangements for you and your family.

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