Group Florence Nightingale

Over the years, this institute provided important services to Turkey and shaped the beginning of a successful journey.

— Prof.Dr. Cemşid Demiroğlu

Thoracic Surgery Center

Surgeries for chest diseases have been performed since March, 2010 by Prof. Dr. Alper TOKER and his team at Group Grup Florence Nightingale Hospitals. This is a special thoracic surgery center with a team composed of an anesthesiologist, and specialists in intensive care, chest diseases, oncology, cardiac surgery, and radiology as well as technical-medical facilities and equipment, where emergency and elective thoracic surgery is fully performed. Department of Thoracic Surgery includes a team specialized in surgery of lung cancer (diagnosis and treatment).

Robotic Thoracic Surgery

An incision of 10-20cm, called thoracotomy, is made on the side of chest wall in classical surgical procedures in order to access the lungs and other pectoral organs.

Chest Diseases Center

Chest Diseases Center offers services for basic fields of chest diseases with experienced medical staff. The center has the most experienced staff in the field.

Bronchoscopy Unit and Interventional Procedures

Bronchoscopy is an imaging method to display the trachea and bronchus guided by a lighted system and to collect, when necessary, samples from tissues and cells.

Interventional Procedures and Laboratories

Our center performs spirometry, DLCO-diffusing capacity of the lungs for carbon monoxide, and PEF measurement to measure pulmonary functions using standard devices as well as highly specific.

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