Group Florence Nightingale

Over the years, this institute provided important services to Turkey and shaped the beginning of a successful journey.

— Prof.Dr. Cemşid Demiroğlu

Liver Transplantation Center

Group Florence Nightingale is among the major living donor liver transplant education centers in the world.

Group Florence Nightingale liver transplant team has performed around 1.500 liver transplants and trained many transplant surgeons.

Furthermore the center is selected by ESOT as the first living donor liver transplant education center.

We are happy and honored to train not only surgeons but also hepatologist, anesthesiologist, radiologist, intensivists, nurses, coordinators and technicians from all over the world.

Prof Dr Yıldıray Yüzer, director of the Transplantation Center, has more than 15 years of experince in liver transplant. They are ranked as the first in the European liver transplant arena based on over 800 living donor liver transplantations.

In Turkey, many firsts like adult-to-adult right lobe living donor liver transplantation, split liver transplantation to two adults at the same time, domino liver transplantation, and dual left lobe liver transplantation have been performed by the Group Florence Nightingale Liver Team.

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