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Over the years, this institute provided important services to Turkey and shaped the beginning of a successful journey.

— Prof.Dr. Cemşid Demiroğlu

Kidney Transplantation Center

We can proudly say that no serious health problem has been experienced in any recipient under our responsibility and so  for more than 1.000 kidney transplants performed in our Kidney Transplant Center.

In our kidney transplant follow-up program, not only the recipients but also the donors are followed up with annual examinations. The safety of volunteer kidney donors is the most important factor in maintaining living-donor kidney transplant operations.

Through advanced techniques performed by a leading team in Turkey, removal of the kidney from a volunteer donor is safe.

The rate of returning home after surgery in good health is 99.8%, and the rate of this health protection is 97.4% in the first year after surgery.

The success of our team in kidney transplantation is same with the results of the most successful centres in USA and Europe.

What Does Our Center provide

Things that are provided in our comprehensive organ transplantation center established on the basis of university in kidney transplantation.

Our Organ Transplantation Center, which is continuing both scientific and clinical studies in academic work environment of Istanbul Bilim University, offers the most current treatments to its patients. Not only our experienced kidney transplantation team, strong academic staff present in all branches are being besides our patient during kidney transplantation as well as during follow-up period after transplantation.

  • An organ transplantation center with developed infrastructure in liver, bone marrow and heart transplantations in addition to kidney transplantation.
  • Registering to National Cadaveric Kidney Transplantation List after preliminary assessment.
  • Ensuring recuperation of patients with the gift of life from their relatives via living-donor kidney transplantation.
  • The presence of a successful tissue laboratory that supports many centers all over the country.
  • Preventing growth retardation and bone diseases by timely intervention with kidney transplantation in children.
  • Thanks to our cross transplantation program to create the chance of transplantation for patients that can receive kidney from rare people due to blood group incompliance or high antigenic structure.
  • Ensuring safe kidney donation by performing an advanced surgical technique under camera to people to donate their kidney to their relatives (retroperitoneoscopic technique).
  • Performing kidney transplantation preparation process and kidney transplantation surgery with no additional charge in patients with Social Security Institution (SSK, Bag-Kur, Emekli Sandigi) assurance.
  • Performing kidney transplantation preparation process and kidney transplantation surgery with no additional charge in patients with Green Card.
  • Ensuring healthy work of the kidney for many years with follow-up program after kidney transplantation. Also, follow-up of the people giving their kidneys.
  • Ensuring healthy hemodialysis treatment of the patients on hemodialysis by performing AV fistula and graft surgery.

Thanks to strong infrastructure of Florence Nightingale Hospital our organ transplantation center is adding new ones every day to significant achievements in liver, bone marrow and heart transplantations as well as kidney transplantation. It has managed to be the first to come to mind as an important center for organ transplantation, in which new techniques and difficult transplantations are succeeded in our country. It plays a leading role in areas such as implementation of retroperitoneoscopic technique also in kidney transplantation, pediatric kidney transplantation, cross kidney transplantation, transplantation in patients with high PRA with tissue laboratory support in Turkey. Patients with Social Security Institution assurance and Green Card can reach transplantation preparations and kidney transplantation surgery with no additional charge with the assurance of our center.

Patients From Abroad

To Reach Our Kidney Transplantation Center From Other Countries

Densely patients come to our Florence Nightingale Hospital organ transplantation center to undergo kidney transplantation from especially Middle East, Eastern Europe and other Turkic Republics due to quality hospital facilities and advanced medical services in Turkey. People to be in the National Cadaveric Kidney Transplantation List is required to be a Turkish citizen. For this reason, patients from abroad can only undergo living-donor kidney transplantation in Turkey. Foreign patients’ relatives, who will be kidney donor, must be in proximity of four degrees of kinship as specified in the organ transplantation regulations in our country. In-law kinship is also accepted according to the regulations in our country, four degrees of kinship of the spouse are also is considered to be close relatives.

In the case that patients from abroad has blood group incompliance, assessment of them in a cross transplantation list with the other couples in our center can provide an additional transplantation chance to foreign patients. Patients admitted to our center are hospitalized and evaluated quickly for kidney transplant eligibility. Specialist physician assessments, detailed tissue and cross examinations are completed. Preparation process for kidney transplantation usually lasts two – three days. In our center, operation priority is given to the guest patients from abroad. If recipient and donor are found eligible for kidney transplantation, kidney transplantation surgery is performed in the same week. Patients from abroad are followed-up in our kidney transplantation follow-up program after transplantation.

The people, who want to donate kidney to their relatives, are operated in our center via “Retroperitoneoscopy technique”, which is more advanced and secure way “laparoscopic technique” widely performed in the world. The most important advantage of retroperitoneoscopic surgical technique is not entering the peritoneal membrane that surrounds the intra-abdominal organs during surgery. In laparoscopic technique; the risk of developing damage to intra-abdominal organs, bowel adhesions, and even bowel obstruction during surgery is present due to kidney removal by entering into the abdomen. In our center, kidney removal is provided via a small surgical incisions under the camera without any contact to intra-abdominal organs using retroperitoneoscopic technique, which is an advanced surgical technique with camera that avoid these negative aspect of the laparoscopic technique. In this way, the donor would be in a position to leave the hospital two – three days later by donating kidney with a safe operation.

The patients, who come to our center from abroad, are provided a safe kidney transplantation operation from their relatives and follow-up opportunity after transplantation. The couples, who have no chance of undergoing transplantation, can be given chance of undergoing transplantation through cross-kidney transplantation. Retroperitoneoscopic technique, which is performed for taking kidney from the donors, is the safest method for the donor to donate kidneys to their relatives, as the abdomen is never been entered. You can reach more detailed information for achieving the quality of our hospital and experience of our team by calling our center.

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