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Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment

What is it?

Hyperbaric Oxygen (HBO) Therapy is a medical, scientifically proven treatment method based on 100% pure oxygen inhalation from a mask or medium at pressures higher than 1 atmosphere, in a fully enclosed pressure chamber. With this method, the amount of dissolved oxygen going to the tissues, the diffusion distance of the oxygen (the distance it can go in the tissue) and its effectiveness increase, and even if there is no blood in the tissues, the viability of the tissue can be ensured with dissolved oxygen. This method also helps wound healing with increased antibiotic activity, rejuvenation of bone tissue, development of granulation tissue (healthy wound healing tissue), collagen production, new vessel formation and new cellular activities.

Where is it used?

This scientifically proven treatment method is employed with success in diabetic foot wounds, chronic wounds, vascular occlusion wounds, bone inflammations, soft tissue infections, avascular/aseptic necrosis (bone death), sudden hearing loss, sudden vision loss, crush injuries, postoperative wounds, radiation damage, burns, risky grafts and flaps, carbon monoxide (stove, bottled gas, natural gas) poisoning, air embolism and nitrogen narcosis. In short, this method ensures that all kinds of oxygen-starved tissues are healed and rejuvenated by becoming oxygenated. Apart from the listed diseases, there are other diseases for which this method has been tried and has produced successful results.

What Should Be Done Before Treatment?

First of all, anyone to undergo treatment should be examined by an Underwater Physician and Hyperbaric Medicine Specialist. The patient’s current disease and status of their chronic diseases are important. If the patient is clinically eligible, they will be checked with a chest x-ray, and if there is no risk, they will be treated. If the patient has any condition that may pose a risk, a consultation may be requested for them or may be referred for further work ups. An average HBO treatment session takes approximately 2 hours at 2.5 atmospheric pressure.

What Should Be Done During Treatment?

Before the treatment, the patient takes all their daily medications, has a meal in accordance with their dietary routine, removes all jewelry, flammable items, including lighters and electronic devices, wears a treatment gown and slippers. During HBO treatment, the patient is made to inhale oxygen intermittently in order to prevent side effects of oxygen. Will be asked to be awake and active during HBO treatment. In this way, it will be possible to achieve a more effective breathing capacity and treatment and determine any need. In our pressure chamber in our hospital, we follow the patients using audio and visual means during treatment.

What Are The Side Effects of The Treatment?

Since we are dealing with pressure, every organ that has air is affected by this treatment. Particularly if the patient has flu and fails to correctly do ear opening maneuver, s/he may have fullness and pain in the ear. Likewise, s/he may have compression of the sinuses. For this, during the pressurization, the operator should be informed of this condition. After the session is stopped and the maneuver is performed, either the session is continued with medical treatment or the treatment is suspended. Gases in the lungs are compensated by breathing and gases in the intestines are compensated spontaneously.

High pressure can trigger some epileptic foci. Therefore, if the patient has a history of epilepsy, a neurology consultation is requested.

Glove numbness in the hands can be seen especially in patients who undergo treatment for more than 20 sessions, and this resolves upon cessation of treatment and no symptoms remain.

Temporary myopia is caused by the effect of oxygen on the lens. In older patients, hyperopia may also resolve, but it returns to its normal state approximately 8 weeks after discontinuation of treatment. For this reason, patients receiving regular treatment are advised not to get new prescription glasses during the treatment process.

It’s most dangerous and perhaps its least likely side effect is air embolism. In our hospital, to prevent this, patients are asked to provide a chest x-ray before treatment.

What are the characteristics of our instrument?

Our pressure chamber in our hospital, equipped with a fully automatic and new generation piping system, was produced by Barox HBO with state-of-the-art technology. All components used in its production have been approved by certified institutions with the aim of prioritizing patient safety, health and comfort.

Our pressure chamber uses a system pressurized with air, in which the patient is made to inhale oxygen through a mask. Oxygen level is monitored using automatic sensors throughout the treatment. Daily, weekly, monthly, semi-annual and annual maintenance of our pressure chamber is performed by our technical staff and Barox HBO.

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