Group Florence Nightingale

Over the years, this institute provided important services to Turkey and shaped the beginning of a successful journey.

— Prof.Dr. Cemşid Demiroğlu

Diabetes Center

The “International Diabetes Center” integrated with Demiroğlu Science University Diabetes Practice and Research Center (DİYAM) has been launched within Group Florence Nightingale Hospitals.

Our Center, coordinated by Prof. Dr. M. Temel Yılmaz is established in our five Hospitals, namely Istanbul, Şişli, Gayrettepe, Kadıköy and Ataşehir Florence Nightingale hospitals with nearly 30 specialists in endocrinology and metabolic diseases, internal medicine, specialists in nutrition and dietetics, diabetes nurses and psychologist. Our Center is further supported by nearly 100 specialists in the fields of diabetes-related cardiovascular diseases, neurology, ophthalmology, nephrology, vascular surgery, orthopedics, infection-skin diseases.


First Diabetes Center with International Concept

Group Florence Nightingale Diabetes Practice and Research Center (DIYAM) is the first international diabetes center concept in Turkey, which provides service in ten different languages. After the patients presenting to our center receive their treatment, they continue to be monitored through continuous glucose monitoring system in their home countries.

The Diabetes Center That Uses High Technology The Most

With the advancements in the technology, the role of high technology is progressively increasing in the follow-up and treatment of diabetes. Our Center leads the use of high technology in diabetes. In our center, diabetic patients are monitored by our team for 24 hours with CGM (continuous glucose monitoring system). The special alarm system allows monitoring of sudden increases or decreases in blood glucose levels of patients. The patient is administered with a 24- hour insulin infusion using a Patch pump (wireless insulin pump system), which is a small device attached to the arm, working in conjunction with CGM, hence the insulin doses are adjusted with a remote control device.

The First Diabetes Center That Monitors Diabetes with Telemedicine System (a remote monitoring and treatment system)

Throughout his/her life, a patient with diabetes has to constantly check his/her blood glucose, show his/her blood glucose results to a medical team, make an appointment and go to the hospital, which altogether take a long time. By the virtue of telemedicine application, and of systems integrated with glucose measurement systems or with the CGM -which are introduced for the first time in our Center- a patient can easily communicate with our Center. He/she can obtain the results with remote access systems without any difficulties and without having to go to the hospital.

We check and treat any diabetes-induced organ deficiencies in a single center Diabetes can affect many organs in the body over time. Not only blood glucose but also diabetes-induced cardiovascular diseases, kidney diseases, eye diseases, nerve tissue damage, osteoporosis, and others should be continually monitored by specialists in a patient with diabetes to see whether diabetes caused any damage to other organs. In our center, these services are offered to diabetic patients under a single roof without loss of time in the same environment, and their procedures are completed on the same day.

With the “Diabetes Check-up” application, we provide information about the future risks of the disease in advance

Diabetes check-up allows early diagnosis and detection of diseases before they cause any organ damage through advances in medical technologies in diabetes. It is possible to find out whether a patient will have diabetes-induced damages to the eyes, kidneys, nerves, diabetes-induced foot vascular occlusion, diabetes-induced osteoporosis or diabetes-induced coronary heart disease ten years in advance and to take measures. You can come to our Center and complete the checks in half a day and be informed. Members of the private diabetes club of our Center can register for continuous patient education school.

You can get information about diabetes by following different topics on different days free of charge and finish the diabetes school program. We provide continuous diabetes education and support in diabetes management through the “Diabetes School”. In our center, patients with diabetes can also follow diabetes high technology courses (insulin pump, wireless pumps, continuous glucose measurement method) free of charge and consult specialists about their problems.

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