• Bone Marrow Transplantation Center

      Bone Marrow Transplantation Center

      Bone marrow is a spongy material found in the hollow centres of some bones.

    • Cancer Center

      Cancer Center

      We work closely with consultants, supported by some of the most modern treatment technology available.

    • Cardiology Center

      Cardiology Center

      Echocardiography uses sound waves (ultrasound) to produce images of inner structure and functions of…

    • Cardiovascular Surgery Center

      Cardiovascular Surgery Center

      In coronary artery disease, the vessels (arteries) are affected, which supply myocardium on the surface of the heart with the required oxygen and nutrients.

    • Check-Up


      Age and gender based Check Up panels which are produced for diagnosis and treatment of possible diseases and risks are General, Over 40 male…

    • Diabetes Center

      Diabetes Center

      The “International Diabetes Center” integrated with Demiroğlu Science University Diabetes Practice and Research Center (DİYAM) has been launched…

    • Eye Diseases & Laser Center

      Eye Diseases & Laser Center

      Group Florence Nightingale Hospitals Eye Diseases & Laser Center is a center established to make an accurate and final diagnose for eye diseases and to apply…

    • Gamma Knife Center

      Gamma Knife Center

      Gamma Knife treatment is a safe and effective method of treatment applied to 65 thousand people all over the world each year. Treatment process is simple…

    • Genetic Diagnosis Laboratory

      Genetic Diagnosis Laboratory

      Group Florence Nightingale Genetic Diagnosis Center is a pioneer in clinical molecular genetic diagnosis for the entire region and has been carrying out its activities…

    • Heart Transplantation Center

      Heart Transplantation Center

      The heart transplant and artificial heart support systems program is a team organization where specialists from many different fields work together before and after…

    • Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment

      Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment

      Hyperbaric Oxygen (HBO) Therapy is a medical, scientifically proven treatment method based on 100% pure oxygen inhalation from a mask or medium…

    • Infertility / IVF Center

      Infertility / IVF Center

      The highest fertility period in women is between the early and mid 20s. Fertility decreases in the late 20s and early 30s, and further decreases after the age of 35.

    • Interventional Radiology & Imaging Center

      Interventional Radiology & Imaging Center

      Group Florence Nightingale Hospitals Interventional Radiology Center have been awarded the ‘Center of Excellence’ certificate.

    • Kidney Transplantation Center

      Kidney Transplantation Center

      We can proudly say that no serious health problem has been experienced in any recipient under our responsibility and so for more than 1.000 kidney…

    • Liver Transplantation Center

      Liver Transplantation Center

      Florence Nightingale Hospital liver transplant team has performed nearly 1.500 liver transplants and trained many transplant surgeons.

    • Neurological Sciences Center

      Neurological Sciences Center

      Group Florence Nightingale Hospitals provide evidence-based services in different areas of Neurological Sciences. Primary goal of these services is to supply…

    • Neuro-Urology


      With its ability to address all urinary issues and its provision of a wide spectrum of medical treatment options, Florence Nightingale Hospital…

    • Obesity Center

      Obesity Center

      Patients who seek information on the Internet are exposed to an information overload. It should be kept in mind that the information on the Internet may include…

    • Obstetrics and Gynecology Center

      Obstetrics and Gynecology Center

      Kidneys produce urine continually as a result of filtration of the blood. Urine produced in the kidneys are carried to the urinary bladder via the ducts called ureter.

    • Organ Transplantation Center

      Organ Transplantation Center

      Group Florence Nightingale Organ Transplantation Center is the largest center in Europe for liver, kidney and pancreas transplantation from living donors.

    • Orthopedics and Traumatology Center

      Orthopedics and Traumatology Center

      There are three major nerves in the hand responsible of working the muscles and providing sensation. The largest one is the Median nerve…

    • Pediatric Heart Diseases

      Pediatric Heart Diseases

      Our Diagnostic and Treatment Center for Heart Diseases in Children offers you services with experienced and responsive team.

    • Perinatology Center

      Perinatology Center

      Florence Nightingale Hospital Perinatology Center has successfully carried out many perinatology procedures since 2009.

    • PET – MRI

      PET – MRI

      MRI is an imaging modality with high sensitivity to detect cancer. PET can diagnose cancer with tumor specific radiotracers increasing accuracy in cancer diagnosis.

    • Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

      Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

      Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation is a field of medicine that contains all treatments for improving the quality of patient’s life by focusing on structural…

    • Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Center

      Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Center

      Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Center provides industry-leading standards of comprehensive aesthetic surgery and also non-surgical enhancements while…

    • Robotic Surgery Center

      Robotic Surgery Center

      Robotic prostatectomy involves very small incisions so patients are offered a less traumatic minimally invasive treatment alternative.

    • Scoliosis & Spine Center

      Scoliosis & Spine Center

      Our clinic is a center where up to date treatment methods applied by experienced and specialist doctors in all sub-branches of Orthopedics and Traumatology…

    • Thoracic Surgery Center

      Thoracic Surgery Center

      Surgeries for chest diseases have been performed since March, 2010 by Prof. Dr. Alper TOKER and his team at Group Grup Florence Nightingale Hospitals.

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