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Istanbul Florence Nightingale Hospital was opened in 2013 as the first Green Hospital in Turkey. The building has a total closed area of 50.254 sqm. in 18 stories and a heliport on its rooftop structured for patient transfers by air ambulances. İstanbul Florence Nightingale Hospital has 219 patient beds, 51 intensive care beds, 11 surgery rooms all equipped with laminar airflow and 2 delivery rooms. All surgery rooms can be connected to a 300-seat conference room and international hubs per audio-visual, permitting interactive medical education and scientific activities. The building is equipped with the latest technology including but not limited to an EOS device – introduced for the first time in Turkey – which minimizes the risks associated with radiation exposure for patients by using very low dosage 2D / 3D X-ray radiation in Orthopedic wholebody imaging. The device provides simultaneous frontal and lateral digital images as well as a 3D display of the skeletal anatomy.

Centers of Excellence

Da Vinci Robotic Surgery Center

Istanbul Spine Center

Nuclear Oncology and Interventional Radiology Center (Theraspher)

Breast Health Center (Senology)

Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Center

Check-up Center

Comprehensive Transplant Center

      • Hematopaethic Stem Cell Transplant
      • Liver Transplant
      • Kidney Transplant
      • Heart Transplant


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Global reference in healthcare

Global reference in healthcare

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Group Florence Nightingale Hospitals Ltd UK 2020, all rights reserved.

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