Center of International Patients (CIP)

Medical tourism has come to prominence in Turkey recently, with a year-on-year increase in the number of foreign patients to choose medical packages that offer a combination of treatment, holiday and transportation. High treatment costs and long waiting lists in some foreign countries have impelled people to look for countries where they can receive high-quality treatment, as well as a visit for a vacation.

Main reasons for selecting Turkey for treatment include:

  • the capacity for high-quality services,
  • comparatively lower prices for the same service in the patient’s home country,
  • well-recognized physicians,
  • high-tech medical technology,
  • Turkey’s reputation as a tourist destination.

Group Florence Nightingale has been at the forefront of the healthcare industry in the region since 1989. Group Florence Nightingale has developed “Centers of Excellence” with expert treatment, surgery and diagnostic capabilities across the Group’s four hospitals and two medical centers, each center gaining recognition in its specialization not only in Turkey but throughout the region.

In line with the Center for International Patients (CIP) principle of Committed to Excellence, the dedicated team of GFN serves patients from all around the world including but not limited to Middle East & Gulf, North Africa, Central Asia and Caucasians, Balkans and Eastern Europe.

As the CIP team we endeavor for comfort and well-being of our patients!

Starting from the initial inquiry, the CIP members plan and provide physician reviews of medical records, contact patients and or relatives for further procedures, arrange their transfer in Turkey, and details of hospital stay at the Group Florence Nightingale Hospitals.

Realizing challenges of being/having a patient in a foreign country, native-speaking multilingual translators from the CIP team meet patients and their companions from abroad as soon as they arrive at our hospitals, and provide 24/7 direct assistance for both medical and unmedical needs in culturally sensitive manner.

Medical and Concierge Services are customized for needs and expectations of each and every patient.

  • In critical or urgent cases, CIP team ensures immediate, privileged medical second opinion and appointment procedures that guarantee instant attention with all inquiries being responded within 24 hrs.

The CIP team provides the highest quality professional service based on main guiding principles:

  • Quality and Success,
  • Transparency,
  • Fast-track Outcomes,
  • Convenience,
  • Comprehensive Services.

We are here, just beside you for good and all!

The Center for International Patients ensures to be at your disposal for 24/7 with the following services:

  • Scheduling appointments,
  • Admissions to the hospital,
  • Traveling and accommodation arrangements,
  • Assisting with visa procedures,
  • Assisting with international insurances,
  • Interpreter services between doctors and patients,
  • Provide cost estimation of tests and treatments,
  • Medical report follow-up after discharge and consultations,
  • Air and ground ambulance services,
  • Financial transactions,
  • Discharge process and follow-up care.

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Global reference in healthcare

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