Prominent Ear Surgery

Prominent ear is a group of ear deformities increasing the prominent external ear in such a degree that is over-concerned. These may include cup-ear (in the shape of a cup), prominent ear, valgus deformity (insufficiently folded) or macrotia (big ears). These are developmental and sometimes congenital and usually have genetic roots.

The main concern of the patient is social especially we see children who are subjected to mocking and insulted by others because of their ears (children can be cruel sometimes). Therefore we prefer to perform prominent ear correction before or during school age. Developmentally it is safe to operate children with prominent ear after 6 or 8 years of age because of social implications.

The procedure is also known as otoplasty. Generally we restore ear position in relation to head by putting sutures to ear cartilage or to the membrane of the ear cartilage. The suture is placed in order to fold the cartilage on itself or increase the proximity of the ear to the head. The incisions will stay on the back of the ear which is a hidden site.

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