Fat Grafting

Fat graft is the ideal autologous filler material. Coupled with liposuction fat grafting enables contour restoration with patient’s self-tissues. It is ideal for many aesthetic and reconstructive purposes as follows:

  • Restoration of facial atrophy originating from aging as an adjunct to face-lifting or by itself (facial rejuvenation)
  • Correction of wrinkles and as soft tissue filler for lip shaping, zygomatic area and nasolabial fold (between nose and upper lip) augmentations
  • Correction of soft tissue depressions originated from scatrice or tissue defects
  • In order to restore body contours (liposculpturing when combined with liposuction)
  • Hand rejuvenation

Fat grafting has many advantages including injectability therefore eliminating the risk of incision scar and restoration of tissue microenvironment thus softening the tissue and improving skin quality (thanks to many mesenchymal precursors and growth factors in the fat graft). The main disadvantage is the resorption rate (30 to 40 percent volume stays inside after 6 months). So this main disadvantage leads to the need for 2-3 sessions of grating depending on the target area. As another solution fat grafts can be stored in sub-zero temperatures for months with success enabling sequential injections without harvesting. Ideal donor areas are lower abdomen and buttocks for fat harvesting via liposuction cannulas.

Candidates for fat grafting are ones who

  • need contour refinement,
  • soft tissue insufficiency on any part of your body.

Fat grafting is a safe, satisfactory procedure and undesired results are few. Infection, tissue reaction and aseptic necrosis can be encountered. These are rare and treatable complications. Other possible complications are extremely rare at experienced hands.

Generally local nerve blocks and sedation is enough for fat grafting. Therefore this procedure can be performed at the outpatient settings. The patient does not need to stay at the hospital.

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