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Owing to a camera and several surgical toolbars that enter the patient’s abdominal cavity through small incisions, the patient does not have a large surgical wound on the abdomen and recovery after surgery and returning to normal life are faster and easier.

The advanced form of this situation, which is the advantage of laparoscopy as well, in robotic surgery is that the surgeon can see the operation area closely, in 3D and in the finest detail, can distinguish and protect small nerves and vessels, and the robot, which works like an artificial hand in the situations where the surgeon’s hand and instruments cannot enter or can damage the environment even in open surgery, precisely transfers the movements of the surgeon’s hand inwards and makes the operation perfect.

What are the advantages?

  • Short recovery period
  • Smaller scars and cosmetic superiority
  • Shortening of hospital stay
  • Faster return back to daily activities
  • Decreased need for blood transfusions
  • Decreased risk of Infections
  • Lower complications
  • Lower degree of pain and lower amount of pain killer used.

The robot arm having limitless mobility inside, performing the functions of several surgical instruments at the same time, causing much less bleeding, and shorter recovery process are the main reasons for preferring robotic surgery.

Robotic Urologic Surgery

Robotic prostatectomy involves very small incisions so patients are offered a less traumatic minimally invasive treatment alternative.

Robotic Cardiac Surgery

Advantages of robot assisted cardiac surgery include less use of blood, shorter hospital stay, less pain, lower rate of infections, aesthetical quality, and earlier return to the work

Robotic Gynecologic Surgery

In Turkey, only a limited number of centers perform hysterectomy (removal of uterus), operations for ovarian cysts and myoma (myomectomy) but most importantly gynecological cancer operations as in the world.

Robotic General Surgery

Despite being mostly used in urologic surgery over the last decade, the robotic surgery has been increasingly used for general surgical procedures.

Robotic Obesity Surgery

Robotic surgery offers various advantages to obese patients and the patients who have undergone a surgery before.

Robotic Thoracic Surgery

An incision of 10-20cm, called thoracotomy, is made on the side of chest wall in classical surgical procedures in order to access the lungs and other pectoral organs.

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