Kinesio Taping

It is a treatment method performed by applying special tapes called Kinesio tape to various parts of the body relevant to the purpose by health personnel trained on the subject. It has been used for over 25 years in the field of physical therapy and rehabilitation especially for the following purposes:

1- Pain Treatment
2- Lymphedema and bleeding treatment
3- The treatment of muscle spasms
4- Strengthening of the muscles

Kinesio taping method helps the body’s natural recovery process as well as providing support and stability to the muscles and joints. Meanwhile, a functional recovery process is spent upon no limitation of movement in the damaged area.

The special tapes used in this method, which is developed by Dr. Kenzo Kase in the mid-1970s, are very similar to human skin in terms of flexibility and tissue specificity. As a result of long researches, the tapes with optimum flexibility, adhesion, and air permeability have been started to be used. The tapes increase circulation in the tissue, as well as provide stimulation or relaxation effect on muscles via stimulating some reflex mechanisms by microscopically removing the skin in the adhesion area.

Kinesio taping is separated from other treatments performed with tapes mostly with this aspect:

Joints are immobilized by the help of quite hard and rigid tapes in all other methods. The main target in Kinesio taping treatment is to tape the muscles around the joints and maintain joint mobility.

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