Pediatric Urology

At the Group Florence Nightingale Hospitals, the Pediatric Urology Division provides specialized healthcare services in various urological diseases of children under the context of Department of Pediatric Surgery. Our Division is directed by, Prof. Halil Tugtepe, M.D., who has established the first Center for “Bladder and Intestinal Disorders in Children” in affiliation with the Group Florence Nightingale Hospitals.

At the Pediatric Urology Division, we successfully perform

  • Varicocele in children: Testicles (ovaries) are located inside the testicular bags called the scope. The ailment that occurs with the expansion of the veins of the balls in the scrotum is called varicocele. Varicocele can cause infertility and pain.
  • Tumors of testicles in children: Testicular tumors can occur in children in a fairly rare extent. The frequency of its appearance is almost one in 100 thousand.
  • Wilms tumor: It is one of the most common tumors in the kidney in childhood. Wilms tumor can be observed in 7 to 10 of every million children under the age of 15. It usually occurs under 5 years of age.
  • Neurogenic bladder dysfunctions: It is inability to store and/or empty urine sufficiently. If the condition is due to a congenital defect (i.e. spina bifida), treatment is surgery. However, if it is due to pelvic muscle problems, then it can be rehabilitated at the Center for Bladder and Intestinal Disorders in Children, where a dedicated team of pelvic floor physiotherapists, and pediatric urology surgeon work together.
  • Posterior urethral valve: It is a state of obstruction of the bladder (from the urinary bag) outlet due to tissue folding observed in boys. In this case, urine cannot get out of bladder and vesicoureteral reflux (flow of urine to kidneys) may occur. This condition damages kidneys, and should be surgically corrected.
  • Antenatal hydronephrosis: It refers to the enlargement of the kidney, ureter, bladder and urethra starting in the womb. The diagnosis can be made by ultrasound when the baby is in the womb.

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