Kidney Transplantation Center

At Group Florence Nightingale Hospitals Kidney Transplantation Center, we are proud to express that we have performed more than 1100 kidney transplantation without any serious health problems.

To have transplantation in Turkey, patients from overseas should have donors up to 4th degree of kinship (Note that spouses are considered to be legal close relatives).

Our Kidney Transplant Center assumes a pioneering role in both pediatric and adult kidney transplant by performing:

  • regular transplant (open surgery),
  • laparoscopic or robotic kidney transplant (closed surgery),
  • kidney transplant under challenging conditions such as cross transplantation, and blood group (ABO) incompatibility.

Benefits of Retroperitoneoscopic Kidney Transplant

With the help of “retroperitoneoscopic” technique, developed by Barış Akin, M.D., the Director of our Kidney Transplant Center, abdominal organs are well-preserved during the operation, so no permanent damage is caused.

At our center, majority of transplants have been performed by using this technique since 2009. This technique is explained in medical congresses in America, Europe and Turkey.

  • Retroperitoneoscopic technique is more advanced and secure way “laparoscopic technique”, which is widely performed in the world.
  • In laparoscopic technique; the risk of developing damage to intra-abdominal organs, bowel adhesions, and even bowel obstruction during surgery is present due to kidney removal.
  • In our center, kidney removal is provided via a small surgical incisions under the camera without any contact to intra-abdominal organs using retroperitoneoscopic technique.
  • Donor would be discharged 2 or 3 days after the operation.

What about Kidney Transplantation under Challenging Conditions (like cross transplantation, and blood group incompatibility)?

  • We have a large kidney donor database for patients with kidney failure, who are unable to find eligible donors. By using our donor database and exchanging kidneys between couples, we aim to increase their chances to live with healthy kidneys as well as to help each other for their own good.
  • In nearly 30% of kidney transplantation, patients have donors, but their blood types do not match. In such cases donors are treated before the surgery, and blood group antigens are nearly cleared out from blood circulation. After that, transplantation is performed. This is called “transplantation between unmatching blood groups” (transplant in ABO blood group incompatibility).

Dedication, scientific knowledge and accumulated experience lead to higher success rates!

Our kidney transplant team is comprised of

  • transplant surgeons,
  • nephrologist,
  • anesthesiologist,
  • cardiologist,
  • infectious diseases specialists,
  • immunologist,
  • organ transplant nurses,
  • nephrology assistants,
  • patient coordinators,
  • consultants,
  • other healthcare staff.

Why to Choose Us?

As Group Florence Nightingale Kidney Transplant Center, carrying out both scientific and clinical studies with Demiroglu Bilim University, we provide the latest medical technology, and apply current advances all through transplantation and for follow up.

  • 99.8% of our patients return home in good health,
  • 97.4% of them experience stable good health within the first year of transplantation.
  • Success of our kidney transplant team is the same as leading centers in USA and Europe.

Fundamentals of Group Florence Nightingale Kidney Transplantation Center

  • Preventing growth retardation and bone diseases by timely intervention with kidney transplantation in children.
  • Thanks to our cross transplantation program to create the chance of transplantation for patients that can receive kidney from rare people due to blood group incompliance or high antigenic structure.
  • Ensuring safe kidney donation by performing an advanced surgical technique under camera to people to donate their kidney to their relatives (retroperitoneoscopic technique).
  • Ensuring healthy work of the kidney for many years with follow-up program after kidney transplantation. Also, follow-up of the people giving their kidneys (donors).
  • We collaborate with highly qualified staff from different medical disciplines for well-being of our patients and donors after transplantation and during follow up.
  • We perform detailed examination before transplantation, so that we can estimate possible immune system reaction after the procedure.

Follow-up after the Kidney Transplant

For successful evaluation of the kidney transplant, follow-up after the kidney transplant as well as the operation period is very important.

At our Kidney Transplant Center, all our patients are followed up closely and regularly to ensure the healthy functioning of the transplanted kidney.

Cornerstones of calendar after transplant:

  • Patients who have received kidneys are discharged after an average of six days.
  • Detailed information on the medication and issues requiring special attention in their new life is given 2 days prior to discharge.
  • Patient leaves the hospital with a medication chart and a phone number that can be reached 24 hours a day.
  • Patients are asked to visit the hospital twice a week to give blood for tests.
  • Patients living in distant places may have their blood tests carried out in the regions where they live and sent by mail service without any charges.
  • These blood tests are repeated once a week in the second month and once in the sixth month.
  • Our patients are regularly asked to visit a Nephrologist.
  • We also regularly follow our donors who have given the gift of life to their relatives. Kidney donors can return to their homes within an average of 3 days after the operation.
  • They are invited to the hospital for re-examination a week after they return home.
  • They come for examinations six months
  • Then they are asked to visit the hospital once a year for examination.

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Kidneys are the organs responsible for excreting metabolic products through urine production and providing the body’s fluid balance.

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