Chest Diseases

Chest (Pulmonary) Diseases

We successfully apply recent advanced diagnostic and treatment methods to patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases (COPD) and asthma with or without allergic background.

Our pulmonologists closely follow the latest treatment method for COPD, namely endobronchial volume reduction, and apply it to our patients.

Expertise of our Chest Disease specialists (pulmonologists) are;

  • Diagnostic and interventional bronchoscopy
  • Treatment of trachea tumors and stenosis
  • Respiratory intensive care and mechanical ventilation applications
  • COPD treatment
  • Asthma diagnosis and treatment
  • Sarcoidosis

Group Florence Nightingale Hospitals, Department of Chest (Pulmonary) Diseases is highly experienced in bronchoscopy and interventional bronchoscopy treatment, since the team has performed more than 2000 interventional bronchoscopies so far due to trachea stenosis, cancer-related blockage, and airway fistulas.

Being one the nominees for the best reference unit both in our country, and worldwide, the Department of Chest Diseases, takes the leading role in diagnostic endoscopic procedures after introduction of ultrasonography and confocal endomicroscopy systems. The team works in close collaboration with the transplant teams to provide lung support during procedures.

Other diseases that are diagnosed and treated within the discipline of thoracic diseases are:

  • Diagnosis and treatment of interstitial lung diseases
  • Diagnosis and treatment of pleura (pulmonary membrane) diseases
  • Tuberculosis, pulmonary involvement and pulmonary embolism of rheumatic diseases.

We have also supportive units, such as advanced bronchoscopy, respiratory function tests laboratory and sleep laboratory.

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