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Check-up defines periodic screening for health performed in healthy people having no complaints to ensure the continuity of their general health status and to identify potential diseases in early stages.

In our Group of Florence Nightingale Hospitals Check-up and Wellness Centre; if the examinations and tests indicate a condition that poses a risk for any disease or the disease itself, time is saved by preventive measures and early treatment methods. If disease onset is not detected, it is aimed for the patients to gain necessary habits for the continuity of well-being.

In recent years, as a requirement of the modern life, periodic health control by means of check-up programs is gaining importance. Risk detection and early implementation of necessary precautions are enabled using different health screening packages, which are prepared taking the person’s age, gender, genetic burden, social life, exercise habits and environmental conditions into account.

In the Group Florence Nightingale Hospitals Check-up and Wellness Centre; personal health risks are identified and necessary screening attempts are planned. Thus, not only one organ or organ system of the body, but also physical and mental health are handled together.

Personal risk assessment comprises preventive, individualized multidisciplinary approach by integrating evidence-based medicine with traditional medicine. Facilities of regenerative medicine, such as stem cells, are evaluated.

Which aspects of people are taken into account in the Personalized Health Analysis Program?

In the Group Florence Nightingale Hospitals Check-up and Wellness Centre; our basic check-up package includes the following in addition to the examination by an internal medicine specialist or cardiologist;

  • CBC,
  • Evaluation of organ functions (such as liver and kidney),
  • Blood lipids (HDL-cholesterol, LDL-cholesterol, triglycerides) and blood sugar levels,
  • Electrolytes,
  • Erythrocyte sedimentation rate and CRP,
  • Thyroid hormone levels,
  • Radiological examinations of the lungs and abdomen,
  • Electrocardiography (ECG).

In addition to the basic check-up tests, there are also examinations including the panels that focus on the complaints and expectations of the person. These include;

  • Cardiovascular disease and stroke risk panel
  • Cancer risk panel
  • Weight management panel
  • Energy deficiency, hormonal health panel
  • Micronutrients, vitamins, minerals (elements) panel
  • Memory assessment panel
  • Cardiopulmonary performance assessment panel
  • Anti-aging (healthy aging analysis) panel
  • Structural biophysical typing with acupuncture (recognition of the weaknesses and strengths of a person).

Women-specific Check-up Schedule

In our Women’s Health Check-up packages, our female visitors of all ages are examined by internal medicine specialists, ophthalmologists, gynecologists and obstetricians on the basis of their age group.

The following tests are performed in addition to the examinations included in our Basic Check-up package for such people;

  • Mammography (every year for women over 40 years of age; from the age of 30 years for women with family history of breast cancer) and ultrasonography of the breast,
  • PAP smear test,
  • Fecal occult blood test,
  • Respiratory function tests.

Moreover, ENT examinations and examination for thoracic diseases are also carried out.

Men-specific Check-up Schedule

In our Men’s Health Check-up packages; male visitors of all ages are examined by an internal medicine specialist, ophthalmologist and urologist on the basis of their age group.

In addition to our Basic Check-up package for these people, the following examinations are also performed;

  • PSA and free PSA values,
  • Fecal occult blood tests,
  • Respiratory function tests.

Moreover, an ENT examination is performed.

Children-specific Check-Up Schedule

In our Child Health Check-up packages, the following tests are performed in addition to the examination by our pediatricians;

  • CBC.
  • Blood sugar,
  • Tests for organ systems such as liver and kidney,
  • Iron-iron binding tests,
  • Thyroid hormone levels.

What are the Special Check-up Programs?

In the Group Florence Nightingale Hospitals Check-up and Wellness Center; we continue to give support in some specific cases as well using the check-up packages prepared based on the problems of our visitors.

Check-up packages implemented in this context include:

  • I quit smoking Check-up package,
  • Liver Check-up package,
  • Cardiac Health Check-up package.

When to apply to the Check-up and Wellness Center?

Owing to the life style changes implemented as the result of periodic health controls, it is possible to prevent the diseases likely to occur in the future such as cardiac diseases, diabetes, hypertension, anemia and bone resorption.


  • If you are stressed at work and/or in daily life,
  • If you have problems with your blood sugar values (low or high blood sugar),
  • If you need detox,
  • If you have problems with your digestive system,
  • If you have risk factors that can lead to cardiovascular disease,
  • If you want to asses/increase the efficiency of your immune system,
  • If you have problems with thyroid hormones, levels of female or male hormones (or have family history),
  • If you have symptoms of mental strain such as chronic fatigue, sleep problems, high anxiety level, we recommend you to be evaluated in a medical institution before any disease occurs.

Detailed Check-Up (Under 40 y.old, Female)

Check-up examination, Uric Acid, Gynaecological examination, Creatinine

Master Check-Up

Check-up examination, Blood Urea Nitrogen (BUN), Chest X-Ray (Two sided), Treadmill test

Cardiac Check-Up

Cardiology examination, Echocardiography, Chest X-Ray (Two sided), Treadmill test

Detailed Check-Up (Over 40y.old, Female)

Check-up examination, Gynaecological examination, Breast ultrasonograpghy (Bilateral), Mamography (Bilateral)

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